Kids and Pets Fashion Story, California USA

Psalm: 127

Winnie used to be a busy career woman - an international marketer who traveled the world. She managed global CPG brands such as Nestle, McCommick, Lawry's, to name a few.

She founded AshburyMall in 2010 and partnered with beauty pageant finalists (Miss Universe Singapore, Miss Earth Singapore, etc) and teen celebrities for high fashion shoots. She sourced for unique pieces from all over the world (USA, UK, HK, Korea, etc) and even designed and produced her own label "Ashbury". Her online brand was featured twice in SEVENTEEN magazine within 3 months, attracted 24 thousands Facebook fans within 6 months.

She was blessed with a set of triplets in 2011. Shortly after their first birthday, they left Singapore and relocated to Los Angeles, California. While looking after her toddlers, Winnie became a newspaper columnist and shared her parenting joys and tips on a weekly basis. Her YouTube channel featuring the triplets attracted over 25 millions views and 13 thousands subscribers!

In 2013, Winnie further pursued her dream by completing an AA degree from the prestigious FIDM - Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (filming of Project Runway). After a year of intensive study and mentorship in Apparel Industry Management, and 2 years of working in the heart of Los Angeles fashion district, she had traveled across USA and participated over 10 fashion trade shows in New York, Chicago, Vegas, Dallas and Atlanta. In June 2016, Winnie started her own kids fashion line - Ashbury CoCo.

Her mission statement? Children are Gifts from God (Psalm 127).

If you are given a choice to choose career or family, always choose the latter.

Because "Every Wise Woman Builds Her House" (Proverbs 14:1).

It is Winnie's mission to focus on what children and moms need, and to always bring stylish, unique and charming clothings to you and me.

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